Ginger Art by Lieke Hulshof

There is still a child inside of me. Making me look around the world as if seeing it for the first time. It makes me feel astonished and delighted.. There are endless shapes, forms, patterns and details to discover in nature. If you look well, you keep being surprised.

As I discover nature, I discover art. Recently art has surprised like nature does. While experimenting, it has brought me new ways to see life and live life. As with all that we are doing in life, I feel the most important thing to ask ourselves is: Out of which energy am I living and creating? Creating helps me to keep feeling, keep resonating, keep learning.

It unravels the emotions and flows within me, opening up to express the self and ideas. Whether painting, drawing or writing, I use art as a way to connect to myself and to the here and now. Getting out of the mind and into the flow of being. When my mind is screaming, shouting or simply too much present, creativity invites me to get myself in the flow of no-mind.

It invites me to grasp the ideas that come flying at me. In that way, I see myself as a performer of the ideas that arise. I simply help them become reality. And I feel honoured and joyful working with them ;). So rather than thinking of an outcome, I enjoy to let the paints do the work wherever possible. Watching how colours come together, how they make each other beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!



Lieke Hulshof is a Dutch artist who has been living abroad and travelling throughout her life. The immense diversity in nature and landscapes around the world has always inspired her. She has been enjoying drawing and painting since childhood. Recently she started exploring new ways of creating which are more focused on the creation process itself rather than the result. Most of her work is abstract, though she experiments a lot with different styles and techniques.