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Ginger Art

Spicy, warm, colourful, diverse. The ginger plant has been used and respected by humanity for a long time. Our ancestors considered the ginger root to be magical. She has been associated with sources of fire and sun, giving so much because of all the nutritions in her roots. Our ancestors knew how to use her, how to treat and admire her. For her beauty and the many pleasures and healing she gives.

Ginger reminds us of how important it is for us to keep connected to our roots, our nature. Because when we connect to our intuition and hearts, we can live beyond thoughts and illusion. We can live according to our true selves. Through art I connect to myself and the ginger power (; I have inside of me.

With every purchase


of the profits will go to our

eco-homestay project

in the Himalayas, India


When the rain drops
On my forehead and
Runs down to my chin
I know that the sky wants to
Meet the earth and that
I am the little resting point
In between